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King’s University College London, ON, Canada
May 04, 2021
Summer Job
JOB TITLE: First-Year/First-Time Experience Transition Coordinator                            Job Reference # 202105-01C   DESCRIPTION:   The First Year Experience Coordinator will work in conjunction with Head-Soph and The KAMP Program along with Academic and Non-Academic Units to support the transitional program in pre and post-O-Week for for new students and 2) develop a year-long program of transitional support for these new students including second year students who have not been on campus The selected candidate will assist with the following: Introduce the programs, resources, and supports available to all students to promote their success at the start of the university career and as the foundation upon which to support their continued success into their careers. In conjunction with the Head-Soph Plan all aspects of the post OWeek First Year/First Time Transition Program including social events, academic events, budget, risk management, space and...


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