Parliament Community Church

  • 4011 Pasqua Street, Regina, SK, Canada

Parliament Community Church is located in southwest Regina. Our diverse community church is
made up of individuals of all ages, cultures and backgrounds who strive to grow as disciples and to
live out their faith in daily life. Approximately 200 people attend church each Sunday morning.
Our staff team consists of a lead pastor (1.0 FTE), Associate Pastor of Community Care (0.5FTE),
Associate Pastor of Discipleship (0.25 FTE), a children’s ministry director (0.5 FTE) and an
Administrative Assistant (0.75 FTE).

We are affiliated with the Mennonite Brethren of Canada. We are evangelical in the sense that we
root ourselves in the teaching of the gospels, and we are more specifically described as being
Anabaptist – meaning we practice believers’ baptism, value peacemaking, and hold to the
separation of church and state.