Tutor Teach Inc

Tutor Teach is a local company with an extensive team of nearly 200 certified instructors. We support students from kindergarten to grade 12 in all subjects, as well as in post-secondary level courses. Tutor Teach (TT) also supports extracurricular requests, languages and music. We’re always listening to our community’s needs and have added workshops and courses to our repertoire of services to support students through learning fundamentals like study skills, note-taking strategies and organization techniques, as well as through PAT, Grade 10 & 11, and Diploma final exam preparation courses. 

TT's goal is to fill the ever-present learning gaps that impact each student's ability to thrive and feel confident in the classroom. The education system is overloaded and cannot provide 1:1 assistance for students, so Tutor Teach has stepped in with a talented roster of accredited instructors to propel students in their education, skills, and self-confidence.

TT's instructors are passionate team players dedicated to making a difference in the lives of each student. Our instructors are provided with custom, proprietary lessons to use with their students to help fortify the learning process. We meet & beat expectations with a retention rate of 98%!