TWR Canada

  • 815 Shelborne St, London, ON, Canada
May 06, 2023
TWR Canada 815 Shelborne St, London, ON, Canada
Software Support Specialist (Full-Time) As TWR Canada’s software support specialist, you will provide software demonstrations and technical assistance to potential and current users of MediaNexus, our media content distribution platform. You will also provide inward-facing technical assistance to help our staff maximize their use of our business software solutions through your acquired knowledge of the systems and how they integrate.   View Full Job Description TWR Canada was founded in 1973 and together with international partners, local churches and other ministries, TWR provides relevant programming, discipleship resources and dedicated workers to spread hope to individuals and communities around the globe. Whether using high-powered radio to reach people in the Middle East and Latin America, streaming content to internet users in Asia and Europe or visiting face-to-face with listeners in Africa, TWR Canada leaves a lasting spiritual footprint. TWR...