Pineview Vegetation Management

Peace Region’s leading professional full-service provider of vegetation management and erosion & sediment control.
Since 1997, we have helped industrial clients stay in compliance with federal and local environmental regulations, standards, and guidelines.
We have a well-trained and conscientious crew of professionals, properly equipped for any type of vegetation and sediment control project.
Vegetation management is much more than just effectively growing grass. Pineview offers knowledgeable advice, service, and products to ensure the success and compliance of our clients’ erosion control, revegetation, and soil stabilization projects.
Effective vegetation management requires a plan that uses mechanical, chemical, biological, as well as cultural solutions. Of particular concern in and around oil and gas and other industrial sites, the successful implementation of a practical vegetation management plan becomes a matter of safety, economics, and compliance with federal and local laws and regulations.
Pineview now offers a supply of propagated Northeast BC plant species for use in commercial & residential landscapes, reforestation, construction, habitat restoration, stream rehabilitation, and industrial reclamation sites. 

All our species are harvested and grown locally, meeting the local demand for native plants in restoring sites to their original state. As advocates of local sustainability, Pineview aims to set an example for environmentally responsible work processes and practices.