Registered Psychologist

  • LifeCare Centres
  • Durham, ON, Canada
  • Aug 14, 2019
Full-time / Permanent Medical

Job Description


LifeCare Centres Counselling and Psychological Services Inc. requires a Registered Psychologist that meets the ethics and accepted standards of practice in accordance with The College of Psychologists of Ontario (herein called CPO) and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (herein called CRPO), to provide supervision to LifeCare Centres Psychotherapists and additional psychological services to clients of LifeCare Centres, that will include a patient case load, as determined by candidates qualifications.


Clinical Oversight


The Registered Psychologist will work cooperatively, in conjunction with other Psychologists and the Clinical/Executive Director, in providing the day to day clinical supervision and clinical responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Respond to therapist and client clinical inquiries.
  • Resolve client complaints regarding their treatment or therapist.
  • Respond to (or monitoring therapists’ responses to) inquiries by insurance companies and lawyers for access to clinical files/reports and ensuring that therapists respond in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Review/edit letters, reports, and online HCAI submissions.
  • Monitor therapists’ files to ensure that the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) requirements are met and LifeCare Centres clinical/file protocols are being followed.
  • Determine whether a referral for a clinical assessment is warranted and whether the Assessment Psychologist or a designated, qualified and approved therapist will conduct the
  • Work to establish and refine clinical practice protocol for LifeCare Centres therapists.
  • Consult with the Supervising Psychologist to determine whether any other clinical services are warranted prior to giving approval to the client/therapist for that requested service (e.g., application for disability tax credit or ODSP).
  • Provide new therapists orientation around clinical and file protocol.


Clinical Oversight Services


The Registered Psychologist will work in conjunction and cooperatively with other Psychologists and report to LifeCare Centre’s Clinical/Executive Director, to fulfil the following duties.


Clinical Oversight services provided by the Registered Psychologist:

  • Psychologist signature and CPO number for insurance claims.
  • Clinical oversight over client files, including access for clinical guidance as required through the Clinical/Executive Director.
  • Clinical oversight of In-home Specialists files, under the supervision of the In-home Supervisor.
  • Weekly review and approval of letters and reports pertaining to client files.
  • Monthly 2-hour group supervision meeting(s) for therapists.
  • One-on-one meetings with the Clinical/Executive Director as required.
  • Email/phone consultation between other Psychologist(s) and the Clinical/Executive Director.
  • Provide back up for the Clinical/Executive Director and other Psychologists when they are on vacation or Clinical/Executive Director and other Psychologists are otherwise unavailable. 
    • Provide input and feedback regarding the selection of new therapists, interns or In-home Specialists.
    • Provide input and feedback in the selection of additional Clinical Supervisors.




The Registered Psychologist will provide clinical/diagnostic assessment services as follows:


Registered Psychologist Conducted Assessments:  

  1. A clinical interview (such as SCID).
  2. Review of SCID and PAI results.
  3. Feedback session.
  4. A short summary report when requested.


Therapist Conducted Assessments. The Registered Psychologist will provide the following:

  1. Initial consultation with client, in person or by phone, to determine assessment needs.
  2. Review of SCID conducted by an approved therapist plus PAI.
  3. Feedback session.
  4. A short summary report when requested.




If warranted, the Registered Psychologist is available for consultation, either with clients, therapists or the Clinical/Executive Director and other Psychologists.


The Registered Psychologist providing Services to LifeCare Centres:


  • Shall be a duly qualified individual with appropriate professional accreditation and experience to provide the Services as required herein; and


  • Shall not have a criminal record and provide a current Criminal Record Check (CRC).


The Registered Psychologist shall comply with:


  • Keeping confidential files of all sessions with clients following established protocol as per governing body requirements.
  • Communicating office practices to clients around confidentiality and billing.
  • Ensuring that all clients have read, understood and signed their confidentiality and billing agreement forms.
  • As deemed appropriate, allow the Executive Director full access to all client information, based on their consent, to facilitate that regulatory compliance is upheld with the applicable governing bodies.
  • Consulting with the Clinical/Executive Director and other Psychologists regularly to inform him/her of any problems or issues with clients and/or therapists.
  • Ensuring all security procedures are followed for client confidentiality, and for the health and safety for clients and therapists.


The Registered Psychologist shall maintain Professional Liability Insurance in accordance with the established guidelines and requirements of the CPO and will provide to LifeCare Centres a copy of certificate of the issuing underwriter-or insurance broker confirming such coverage is in full force and effect.


Please send your Resume and Cover letter to: