Case Management Co-ordinator

  • South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre
  • 1119 Jalna Blvd, London, ON, Canada
  • Aug 19, 2021

Job Description

Report to:  The Case Management Co-ordinator will be an employee of the South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre (SLNRC).  Day-to-day supervision/consultation will be provided by the Director of the Newcomer Settlement Services in the form of formal supervision meetings as well as informal support as requested by the worker.

Work Timelines: The Case Management Co-ordinator position is a full-time position and will run from Monday to Friday starting September 13th, 2021 until March 31st, 2022. Some evenings and weekends if/and when required at the rate of $23/hr.

Salary: $23/hr.

Qualifications:  Social Service Worker Diploma, Social Work Degree, related fields of expertise or extensive experience of over 3 years actively assessing the needs and supporting newcomers and referring refugees and immigrants to needed services.  Excellent working knowledge of Kurdish or Kurmanji is an asset.

Duties:  Provide support to newcomer to improve their opportunities to become independent citizens in the City of London. This will be done through:

1.  Individual Service to Newcomer Clients:
  • Distribute identified promotional material about the services for newcomers to each newcomer client
  • Ensure that newcomer immigrants are aware of the IRCC funded services
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of clients’ strengths, experience and resiliency
  • Assist clients to prioritize their settlement needs and create realistic action plans to be implemented by clients
  • Maintain a schedule for following up to ensure that clients had successfully met their settlement needs.
  • Facilitate referrals within the SLNRC and to other most appropriate community services citywide.
  • Ensure that clients have timely, useful and appropriate information needed to make informed settlement decisions.
  • Provide client-centered services in a supportive and culturally-competent manner
  • Provide practical guidance to assist newcomers in coping with problem of everyday living, e.g. housing, transportation and access to social and health services by coordinating with their settlement counsellors, SWIS, LSP, Community Connection and other SLNRC staff where appropriate.
  • Provide orientation sessions to newcomers one-on-one and family immediately upon their arrival to get acquainted about life in Canada and understand their rights and responsibilities as new Canadians in coordination with other settlement workers onsite
  • Identify and bring forwards for discussion/resolution, any challenge barrier or gaps in service for clientele

2.   Group Service to Newcomer Clients:
  • In co-ordination with the other Newcomer Settlement Services staff, plan and coordinate settlement related activities and programs for groups of newcomer clients
  • Provide group information sessions that align with IRCC’s Orientation to Canada fact sheets, Orientation to Ontario products and the Welcome to Canada Guide.
  • Involve resourceful individuals from different community services in these programs

3.  Work with other Staffs:
  • Facilitates constructive and culturally sensitive communication between  SLNRC staff with the cases related to the client needs
  • Set common goals for clients and assign responsibilities for settlement and others involved where appropriate
  • Seek guidance and support from the Yazidi Support Worker throughout the period of implementation of the project
  • Collect newcomer client feedback (e.g. surveys, workshop evaluations, user needs assessment, etc.) to track outcomes of settlement services
  • Work with a team of professionals to ensure that clients’ needs are met
  • Schedule team meetings in consultation with the Yazidi Support Worker periodically in order to assess and priorities the needs and set common goals.
  • Report to the Director the outcome of the meetings with clients and staff weekly

4. Administration:
  • Maintain accurate written records and files pertaining to settlement services provided to clients.
  • Enters statistical information in a data system using a Citizenship and Immigration Canada approved tracking system known as iCARE
  • Maintains updated supply of handouts on services, resources and policies that are relevant eligible clients
  • Ensure appropriate and confidential handling of client information and files.
  • Keep accurate and up to date files on clients
  • Wears a name badge
  • Prepares and submits reports, statistics etc.
  • Networks with other settlement counsellors locally or in other cities in Canada
  • Attends training opportunities
  • Works flexible hours, including evening and weekends, according to peak user times, as scheduled
  • Operate in accordance with policies, procedures, guidelines and protocols of the SLNRC
  • Participate as a member of SLNRC team by furthering collective team goals.
  • Accept other duties as assigned by the Director of the Newcomer Settlement Services
  • Must have a registered Social Insurance Number and eligible to work in Canada.


This is an Internal and External posting. If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and a detailed cover letter by EMAIL ONLY by September 13, 2021 (5:00pm deadline) to: Vincent Tao, Administration Coordinator at:

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