Vice-President - Equity, Impact amp; Governance

  • Pillar Nonprofit Network
  • c/o Innovation Works 201 King St, London, ON, Canada
  • Mar 03, 2023

Job Description

lt;h1 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;About Pillar:amp;nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/h1gt; lt;div dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;For more than 20 years, Pillar Nonprofit Network has championed cross-sectoral collaboration between and among governments, businesses, and the community sector as the three pillars of community impact and positive change.amp;nbsp;lt;br /gt; amp;nbsp;lt;/divgt; lt;div dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Our mission is to strengthen through a heightened equity lens, individuals, organizations and enterprises that are invested in positive community impact and we envision an engaged, inclusive and vibrant;br /gt; amp;nbsp;lt;/divgt; lt;div dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;We deliver on this mission by increasing awareness of nonprofits and social enterprises as social and economic drivers; supporting them to develop inclusive workplaces; facilitating collaboration through a network approach that connects nonprofit organizations to each other and business and government; and finding new ways, programs and services to address our communityamp;#39;s most persistent;/divgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Our current lt;a href=quot;;gt;strategic planlt;/agt; obliges us and empowers us to put equity, change, and recovery in action: to acknowledge our shared complicity in anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and all intersecting oppressions, and drive ourselves and our network to action; to work together across sectors and shift inequitable structures and systems to create transformational change; and to promote an equitable and sustainable recovery that addresses the inequities exacerbated by the COVID-19;/pgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Representing thousands of people working in hundreds of organizations, we are a network of nonprofits, charities, foundations, social enterprises, cooperatives, social financiers, responsible investors, tech innovators, and caring individuals engaged in community care informed by our;/pgt; amp;nbsp; lt;h1 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Role amp;amp; Responsibilitieslt;/stronggt;lt;/h1gt; lt;h2 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;About the rolelt;/stronggt;lt;/h2gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;This role covers two complementary purposes. It holds the imperative of embedding equity, inclusion and anti-racismamp;nbsp; within Pillar and its network and it supports the organization and the network to advance best practice at its board governance and leadership tables. Support, develop and deliver capacity building workshops and impact consulting sessions. Help set public policy priorities and identify objectives with staff;/pgt; amp;nbsp; lt;h2 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;ugt;lt;stronggt;Responsibilitieslt;/stronggt;lt;/ugt;lt;/h2gt; lt;h3 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Operationslt;/stronggt;lt;/h3gt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Staying current of emerging trends as it relates to equity issues and board governancelt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Create opportunity for Pillar to offer ongoing learning to its network on equity,amp;nbsp; inclusion and anti-racismlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Support Pillaramp;rsquo;s Impact Consulting program by marketing and promoting Pillaramp;rsquo;s menu of services related to equity, inclusion, anti-racism, board governance, strategic planning, financial planning, social finance and social enterprise coachinglt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Support the core activities of public policy activity including research, coordinating consultation and community engagement activities, data analysis and writinglt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Develop and deliver workshops on board governance and equity, inclusion and anti-racism to individuals, groups and organizations including customized learning and coachinglt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Responsible for holding and supporting a Diversity amp;amp; Inclusion Community of practice that encourages learning, sharing and acting on advancing equity and inclusion within organizationslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;amp;nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt; lt;h3 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Human Resources and Direct Reportslt;/stronggt;lt;/h3gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Direct Reports include:amp;nbsp;lt;/pgt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Impact Consulting Manager, Membership Engagement Manager, Social Enterprise Manager amp;amp; Coach, volunteers, student placements and seasonal staff as neededlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Provide coaching and mentoring on a regular basislt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Interview new staff positions as required and hold accountability for ensuring equitable and inclusive hiring processes and practiceslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;With Pillaramp;rsquo;s CEO and the Senior Leadership Team, assist in human resources (development policies, processes, escalations, etc.)amp;nbsp; to create a welcoming and inclusive workplacelt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Support a culturally safe work environmentamp;nbsp; where people feel like they are welcome and belonglt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; amp;nbsp; lt;h3 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Strategy, planning, implementation and financial managementlt;/stronggt;lt;/h3gt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Work collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team to create the strategic direction of Pillar Nonprofit Networklt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Together with the Senior Leadership Team, lead on the implementation of the strategic direction, particularly as it pertains to strategies related to equity and inclusion and governancelt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Ensure that appropriate processes and systems are developed and adhered to and contribute to the smooth operations of the organizationlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Ensure that financial reports are maintained and submitted for all projects under the purview of the role and those of all direct reportslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;amp;nbsp;amp;nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt; lt;h3 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;amp;nbsp;Community Engagementlt;/stronggt;lt;/h3gt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Represent Pillar at community planning tables related to equity and inclusionlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Engage with knowledge keepers in the community to build trustlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Be an advocate for issues related to the nonprofit and social impact sectorlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; amp;nbsp; lt;h2 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;ugt;lt;stronggt;Job Skills, Knowledge and Strengthslt;/stronggt;lt;/ugt;lt;/h2gt; lt;h3 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Skills and Knowledgelt;/stronggt;lt;/h3gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;This position requires a high degree of relationship building and management.amp;nbsp; Other skills required include:lt;/pgt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Skilled at creating spaces for deep conversations on challenging issueslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Creating and supporting exceptional Program Managementlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Observing, practicing and encouraging equity and inclusionlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Having a respected voice in public speaking and presentationslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;The basics - Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Social Medialt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;amp;nbsp;lt;/stronggt;lt;/pgt; lt;h3 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Job Qualifications: Requiredlt;/stronggt;lt;/h3gt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Post-secondary education or equivalent experiencelt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;5 or more years of senior management experiencelt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Knowledge and understanding of equity, inclusion and anti-oppression frameworkslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Knowledge of non profit governance issues and trendslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Experience in curriculum development and deliverylt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Experience with complex collaborative partnershipslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Demonstrated ability to think strategically, build relationships, communicate effectively, and work in a team environmentlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Must have a strong personal commitment to the nonprofit sectorlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; amp;nbsp; lt;h3 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Contribution to an equitable, inclusive, and anti-oppressive workspace:lt;/stronggt;lt;/h3gt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Demonstrates respect for people from all backgroundslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Looks for the voices present and missing from projects and organizations, and seeks to fill the gapslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Suspends judgment and challenges self and others to confront their assumptions and conscious and unconscious biaseslt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Committed to learning anti-oppressive practices, taking action, and holding self and others accountableamp;nbsp;lt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; amp;nbsp; lt;h1 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;ugt;lt;stronggt;Work Environmentlt;/stronggt;lt;/ugt;lt;/h1gt; lt;h2 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Work Terms:lt;/stronggt;lt;/h2gt; amp;nbsp; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Hours: Full-time - 37.5 hours per weeklt;/pgt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Compressed work-week with a hybrid, flexible schedulelt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Reports ?to: Maureen Cassidy, Interim CEOlt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Access to Pillaramp;#39;s Learning amp;amp; Development program, when possiblelt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Based at Innovation Works (201 King Street)lt;/pgt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Hybrid work model with a commitment to a 60/40 split of onsite/remote worklt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Compensation: $75,000 / per year*, RRSP contributions, employee benefits packagelt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; amp;nbsp; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;emgt;*As part of Pillar Nonprofit Networkamp;rsquo;s commitment to equity, all Pillar colleagues receive equal pay for equal work. As a result salaries and benefits are;/emgt;lt;/pgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Pillar Nonprofit Network compensates shortlisted candidates for this role $42.00 / hour for up to three hours for interviewing for the;/pgt; lt;h3gt;amp;nbsp;lt;/h3gt; lt;h2 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Our Approach to Equity amp;amp; Inclusion:lt;/stronggt;lt;/h2gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Practicing anti-oppression work in real terms is not only confronting individual, institutional and societal examples, it is also confronting ourselves, our own roles of power and how we uphold and perpetuate these oppressive;/pgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Our goal is to help members of our network to gain skills in navigating allyship and complex conversations that can involve race, privilege and power dynamics. Using an anti-racism approach, our work challenges inequities and injustices embedded in policies and practices that allow certain groups to dominate over others. We work with clients to go beyond discussion to implementable action plans that change mindsets, disrupt systems and respond to the communities we;/pgt; amp;nbsp; lt;h2 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;Pillaramp;rsquo;s Culture and Valueslt;/stronggt;lt;/h2gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Pillar Nonprofit Network was voted one of Londonamp;rsquo;s best places to work by London Inc. magazine! Our staff-written Team Alliance includes commitments to:lt;/pgt; amp;nbsp; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Build Relationships with Intentionamp;nbsp;lt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Foster Inclusion amp;amp; Belonginglt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Promote Trust amp;amp; Integrityamp;nbsp;lt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Say What Needs to be Heardamp;nbsp;lt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Nurture a Culture of Caringamp;nbsp;lt;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Pillar is actively seeking applications from people who are Indigenous, racialized, LGBT2Q+, women, persons with disabilities, and other overlooked and underestimated;/pgt; amp;nbsp; lt;h1 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;stronggt;How to Applylt;/stronggt;lt;/h1gt; lt;ulgt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Please submit resume and cover letter to lt;stronggt;lt;a href=quot;mailto:career@pillarnonprofit.caquot;gt;career@pillarnonprofit.calt;/agt;amp;nbsp;lt;/stronggt;by lt;stronggt;Monday, March 27, 5:00pm;/stronggt; No applications received after the deadline will be;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;li dir=quot;ltrquot;gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Please reference lt;stronggt;Vice-President - Equity, Impact amp;amp; Governancelt;/stronggt; in the subject line of your;/pgt; lt;/ligt; lt;/ulgt; lt;h3 dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;lt;br /gt; lt;stronggt;Please note:lt;/stronggt;lt;/h3gt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;Pillar thanks all applicants in advance. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. We are committed to inclusive, barrier-free recruitment, selection processes and work environment in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Working with applicants requesting accommodation at any stage of the hiring;/pgt; lt;p dir=quot;ltrquot;gt;If you have any questions about this posting please email and reference Vice-President - Equity, Impact amp;amp; Governance in the subject;/pgt;