Order PIcker

  • North American Brands Inc.
  • 3 Buchanan Court, London, ON, Canada
  • Apr 24, 2024
Student Job Distribution-Shipping Warehouse

Job Description

This is a full time warehouse position offered under the Canada Summer Jobs program.
The successful applicant will be expected to complete 8 weeks at 35 hours per week.
Pay will be $18.25 per hour
There may be an opportunity to continue part time hours at the same hourly rate after the CSJ program ends.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1.            Order Picking:
•              Task: Accurately pick items from warehouse shelves based on order sheets. Responsibility: Ensure each order is complete and correctly assembled, minimizing errors and improving customer satisfaction.
2.            Inventory Handling:
•              Task: Handle and move inventory items safely using appropriate equipment. Responsibility: Maintain the integrity and quality of products during handling, preventing damage or loss.
3.            Packing and Preparing Shipments:
•              Task: Efficiently pack orders, preparing them for shipment. Responsibility: Ensure packages are secure, properly labeled, and ready for dispatch, adhering to shipping guidelines and schedules.
4.            Quality Control:
•              Task: Conduct quality checks on orders before they are shipped.
Responsibility: Verify that each order meets the company’s standards and customer specifications.
5.            Warehouse Maintenance:
•              Task: Assist in maintaining a clean and organized warehouse environment. Responsibility: Ensure work areas are safe and conducive to efficient operations, complying with all health and safety regulations.
6.            Inventory Restocking:
•              Task: Participate in restocking shelves and organizing inventory in the warehouse.
Responsibility: Ensure products are correctly stored and easily accessible for picking.
7.            Team Collaboration:
•              Task: Work collaboratively with other team members and departments. Responsibility: Contribute to a cohesive team environment, aiding in overall productivity and efficiency.

Please apply by email to:   hr@northamericanbrands.com